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Default No Sew tutu question

I need to keep this short since I'm taking the girls ice skating in a couple of minutes.

Long story short, I measured DD1's waist at 22". I added one inch when I cut the 3/4" no roll elastic.

I'm using 6" wide tulle strips, using the slip knot / loop method. I didn't think I was over tightening or pushing them too close together but I got 2 spools on (28" long if it makes a difference) and realized the elastic seems to be getting longer. It looks like I've gained about 3". I tried loosening it back up with no luck.

My game plan now is to keep going and occasionally having DD1 try it on. When it's almost full enough I'll cut the elastic to the correct size.

I know some directions allow about 1" for the stretching but 3" with the potential for 6" seems excessive.

Believe it or not there is still a little stretch left on the elastic that's filled with tulle.

Any suggestions for future reference? Or, better yet, suggestions on how to correct the over stretching?

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