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Originally Posted by mmosser View Post
Hi Lori,

Well, you know when you do all your knots and line them up side by side?
Instead of side by side knots, if you kind of pull one knot toward the top of the elastic and then the next knot pull it toward the bottom of the elastic, and repeat the process, they kind of 'fit' together. You can get more knots on the elastic this way without stretching it out which makes it more full

LMK if this doesn't help and tomorrow I'll tie a couple knots next to each other to show you what I mean.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I hadn't thought to do that. I guess that is why my tutus look so cramped and then overlap themselves at the top. I would think that this would help to avoid that. I am glad I saw this!! I have only done tutus for family as practice, and now I have my first actual order.
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