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Default Re: Cheer Bows Overload II ***Picture heavy!***

Originally Posted by cinnamonsugar View Post
Do you know if any stores have hot fix tools? I need one quick so no time to order one but I already checked my Joanns and Walmart and didn't find one. Do you think Michaels would have it? Or would E6000 work? If so, how do I get the glue on there without making a mess
Are you sure your JoAnns doesn't have one? That's where I bought mine, but we do have the superstore-size JoAnns here, not the smaller, darker stores. Call them, maybe they have one in stock for you, they can be easy to miss. Michael's should have one, too. You can try to use an iron, but it will be extremely difficult, as you cant overheat the bling or the adhesive will no longer stick. ask at the front desk for someone to find you a hot fix tool, they will be happy to find one for you, usually... hobby lobby has them, too.

I just did a search online, and Kmart says they have them. amazon, and any craft seller online has them, I know from experience that Amazon's next day or 2nd day is warp speed fast....
Good Luck!
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