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Originally Posted by mmosser View Post
If you want them really poofy, like the ballerina ones that stick out.....
When I do mine,
1.) I figure the length I want the tutu to be, double that number, and add 1 inch.
2.) then I stack 3/4 pieces of the 6 inch tulle strips cut to my length
3.) next I use the slip knot method, keeping all 4 pieces staked
4.) make sure you use 3/4 or 1 inch, no-roll elastic, and when you pull the slip knot put your thumb in there to tighten it so you don't pull too much on the elastic to stretch it out.
5.) then do the up/down method..every other slip knot goes up or down.
6.) then separate your tulle and trim it so it's the same length
really load up your elastic WITHOUT stretching it.
that's how you get the really big full ones.
For these I use about 200-250 yards of the 6 inch tulle, for the average sizes of about age 2-6. Younger you can use less and older more.
But you don't need this much if you want a tutu that lays down more or doesn't have as many layers.

Hey, Mika, can you explain #5? I have no idea what that is...never heard of it. Thanks!
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