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Default Re: What's the next best glue after E6000?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Yes, I did hon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though (just in case I might've missed it) (hugs!)

Yes, the entire tube solidified Over the times I was still able to use it (it didn't harden overnight), I could feel the body of the tube start to harden but it would still have a squishy middle. Then, when I went back to use it, it was one solid piece. I agree with you though, I love it's holding power!

A glue video! I'm going to have to watch that ~ thanks Dede!

I just don't like the glue strings. Like flora said, you can use a lighter (but I don't use lighters because we have so many ceiling fans) so I only use a wood burner for sealing ribbon. I've never had a problem with oozing.

Thanks for the report prleaf Before I watch it, does he mention anything about fabric to ribbon.. or ribbon to ribbon?

unfortunately, no . . . but m/stewart uses fabric glue, if that's any help

edit . . . this applicator looks neat . . . and never heard of this glue, but i'd think the seep would be desirable for a stronger bond.

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