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Default Re: What's the next best glue after E6000?

Originally Posted by korker2010 View Post
For me, other than hot glue and e6000 nothing else. I know e6000 takes longer to dry but after it dries really good, I haven't had any problems. I honestly don't like to deal with e6000, so what I do is, I make a whole bunch of bows, and then I glue them with e6000, I placed 2 alligator clips to hold the bow down on the lined clip, leave it there for a day and done. If I'm in a hurry then I use hot glue. I hate the strings too, but I do my best to not leave strings on the bows.
I do love the holding power of E6000 (I've mentioned that) but I just can't keep it from hardening in the tube. I'd keep using it if it stayed pliable.

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
And I'm pretty sure E6000 has perchlorates in it. I'm not sure I want to be working with that stuff.

I use sooo little of it but it does have a strong odor.

Originally Posted by birdsongbows View Post
I use Gem-Tac. It's for adding jewelry to's non-toxic, doesn't smell, and I've not had any issues with the items coming off.

Thanks Deanna! I'll definitely check into that!
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