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Default Re: Is this an over the top bow?

Originally Posted by EBell1 View Post
Its funny you say this because I made my bow (its in the sharing gallery if you want to see) but I havent put it on a clip yet because I wasnt sure which would be the best one to use. Ive never tried a french barrette yet in her hair but I have some so I was going to ask on here which would be best to use, that or an allagator clip. Now I think Im going to try the french barrette and do it the way you described. I think her hair is finally long enough to put in a single pony tail. Thank you for this idea.
You're welcome.

It's not just a matter of thickness, but length. Up until very recently her hair was too short to pull all (or at least enough of it) to the top or back for one pony tail. I finally figured out it was just long enough to scrape two ponytails together.

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