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Default Re: Is this an over the top bow?

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
My DD2 has very thin hair. The only way I can get a barrette or french clip to stay in her hair is to put it in a pony tail and anchor it to the pony tail holder.

I haven't tried this with something as heavy as an over the top (OTT) bow yet though.

Its funny you say this because I made my bow (its in the sharing gallery if you want to see) but I havent put it on a clip yet because I wasnt sure which would be the best one to use. Ive never tried a french barrette yet in her hair but I have some so I was going to ask on here which would be best to use, that or an allagator clip. Now I think Im going to try the french barrette and do it the way you described. I think her hair is finally long enough to put in a single pony tail. Thank you for this idea.
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