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Default Re: What's the next best glue after E6000?

Originally Posted by blondie View Post
maxine, just making sure you saw this report of it's usage. i'd hate for you to buy and try if it is reported to be not suitable for this type of a project
Yes, I did hon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though (just in case I might've missed it) (hugs!)

Originally Posted by flora bella View Post

Did all of the glue actually harden or was it just the tip? I usually have to poke a needle or something in the tip and it will finally ooze out some. But I can imagine your frustration if the whole tube hardens. I love my E6000 because it does work so well but if you can't use it I guess it's kind of pointless to keep buying it!
Yes, the entire tube solidified Over the times I was still able to use it (it didn't harden overnight), I could feel the body of the tube start to harden but it would still have a squishy middle. Then, when I went back to use it, it was one solid piece. I agree with you though, I love it's holding power!

Originally Posted by Dede View Post
Somebody already did! Well, it's more jewelry-related, but still very useful.
A glue video! I'm going to have to watch that ~ thanks Dede!

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
I completely despise my E6000. It stinks. And it oozes out of the bottle and gets everything dirty. I will stick with my hot glue.
I just don't like the glue strings. Like flora said, you can use a lighter (but I don't use lighters because we have so many ceiling fans) so I only use a wood burner for sealing ribbon. I've never had a problem with oozing.

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
thanks! just watched it . . . and it's tested gluing metal to metal & metal to a pearl . . . and aleen's jewelry & metal glue got a 10!

here's the other ratings from this video . . .

e6000 - 6 . . . uhu 2 part epoxy - 6, glass metal & more - 8, beacon 527 - 5, s/glue metal epoxy - 5, s/glue quick set epoxy - 7, liquid fusion - 4, devcon jewelry epoxy - 9.
Thanks for the report prleaf Before I watch it, does he mention anything about fabric to ribbon.. or ribbon to ribbon?
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