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Default Re: Headband Color Chart - Check :)

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
I would be interested also. I could probably have DH do it, because he does webdesign and graphics work, but lets face would never get done!!!

If it could be customized I would be very interested! I have pretty much all the colors, and even the ones not listed, so I would of course want those too.

I will keep checking back to see what you decide.
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I would be happy to customize them and of course I would fill in the missing colors for you. I am really leaning towards digital copies, because everyone will want a different pound and type of paper and printing is expensive. I would want it to be something reasonable, ya know?

So, customized and all I am good with $5.00 per one page chart, $2.50 for the any charts that follow. I plan on having 10 or so within the next week. (Plus PP fees of course)

If you're good with that let me know which charts you need and where you would want the invoice sent to.
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