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Default Re: What's the next best glue after E6000?

Originally Posted by blondie View Post
i don't know personally but when i worked at michaels 'gorilla glue' was the best selling glue they had besides e-6000. no idea what the customers were using it on but i sold so much of that stuff.

there are a million glues there though...
Hmm, I've never used that. Thanks blondie

Originally Posted by flora bella View Post
I think just about everyone must use E600 or hot glue! If you use your lighter the strings usually "disappear" relatively easy with hot glue and I haven't had a problem with E6000 as long as I put the cap on tight after every use. Usually the tip is hard but after you break through the tip it's usable again. I don't know what I'd do without either of these!

Hopefully you'll find a solution that works for you...
I'm meticulous about putting the cap back on immediately and both tubes still hardened up. I was so frustrated because it really held. Now, I've got to find something else (sigh).
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