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Default Re: what do ya think??

Originally Posted by iluvstarz2001 View Post
If it was during your comment game, you could always tell her the things you sell during the games are already at a discounted price. I would tell her normal price is $6 rather than $5 because like you said, your prices ARE super cheap. I'm very bad myself when it comes to pricing and always think people will think I'm trying to pay my mortgage with the price of one bow (not literally, obviously!) so I never charge enough. Lately though I have been finding my time is very valuable and it needs to be accounted for. So stop undercutting yourself.

Thinking more about it, I wouldn't go any higher than a 15% discount unless she (or anyone) orders 60 bows or more. Maybe something like
1-19, 5% discount
20-39, 10%
40-59, 15%
60+, 20%

Maybe someone else can add their thoughts on the discount thing.... Definitely have a policy in place that way everyone is treated equal and you don't forget that your time is valuable!

thank you so very much!!! i really love this group cause you guys are always there to help out!!! lol now i just have to pray that i can find this ribbon again...
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