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Default Re: Does Anyone Have the 4x6 bottle cap template?

Originally Posted by sasybellacreations View Post
Hello all! I'm new here and I'm so excited that I found this site while searching for the template. This place looks awesome! To make a long story short, my laptop died and all of my work is on it. I have nothing on this new one and I'm lost. I make my own bottlecaps and I'm in need of the 4x6 sheet with the one inch round circles for making my images. The one that goes over the images to make them perfectly round. If anyone has this in png or bmp format or anything that I can use with Photoshop or Picture It please let me know!! I'm so behind on orders, it's unreal!! Any help would be great!! Thanks in advance!! If I don't respond, I fell asleep and will most definitely be back here tomorrow as soon as I get to work!!
I sell one for photoshop & gimp in my etsy shop, link is in my signature below :P
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