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Default Re: what do ya think??

yeah i told her 4 for it and that was when she was just buying one. and it was durring my comment game so she kinda caught me off gaurd since i hadnt listed this bow/size & i just had 2 of these sitting here and i wanted to see what the ladies thought of them so now i think i scewed i guess i could just tell her $4 is the sale price and normally they will be $5.
it started out that she was going to meet me to pick up just one and take it back to show the dance group and then she ended up tagging it to all the ladies & now she has the 12 orders for them....

i feel my prices are way way cheap anyways and then i know she will want me to drive the 11 miles to meet her which i did last time & will only go if i have to get groceries or something. but damn im not going to make anything off this.
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