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Default Re: what do ya think??

Originally Posted by ordi5103 View Post
Super cute!! I haven't attempted any of those type bows. As for a discount, I don't know. I don't think that 12 is a huge order - and it is less than $50 total at the $4 price. Did you say you would discount or did you tell her you would think about it?

well i told her if she ordered alot i owuld see about giving her a discount.. i was tryin to keep her happy cause i was doing my comment game and she kept im'ing me and it kept freezin up my computer so i told her that and i kinda felt that i came off so i didnt want to piss her off.
lol so now what do i do.
and now she wants to know if she picks them up in person if itll be yeah it saves you
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