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Default Re: rate my twisteds!

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
I know there has been a lot of 'twisted' help lately on the forum and I decided to give it another go today after getting the shits with it last night...


The bow on the left is my first (old) bow and the one of the left is the one I did today....I just feel there is something that I'm not doing right. These aren't starched or anything yet so maybe that would make a difference?

Would really love some pointers, advice or just comments...
Originally Posted by khofkamp View Post
They look good, but you need to pull the loops apart more

When I make mine before I tie the loops are pulled so far apart the left loops are touching the right loops and it just looks rediculous, once it is tied, I think they look perfect... thats all that matters right?

Check your sewing cuz on yours you have two "bumps" and on Krista's she has three "bumps", that might make a difference. HTH.
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