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Default Re: Bottle Cap Magnetic Bracelet Help

I could only find 3 posts because I have been wanting to do this too for my daughter and nieces. but one of the post that just ties theirs, says she put one of the loops through the hole of the washer and then the end coming up through the washer keep stand it up and open the loop and bring the other end across the top of the washer and into the loop and pull. do with other side and then tie. but the picture you have doesn't show a big knot so do they cover it up with a bead? not sure.

Okay one question for you, does anyone have a picture of the magnet part on the bottlecap, I have like 100 bottlecaps that I bought 3 years ago or so maybe 5 and this is new to me about the magnet part but it isn't the magnets that are like1/4 thick is it, well would just love someone to explain that part and show me a pic of the magnet on the bottlecap LOL. thanks.
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