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Default Re: Does it ever get easy?

Originally Posted by happyleesh View Post
I HATE the twisted boutique bow. hateeee it. Does it get easy - I can't imagine making this perfectly without wanting to cry/pull my hair out. Sorry, its a vent, I know, I've just gotta do it over and over..

i know how you feel!! i went through the same thing EXCEPT i wasnt smart enough to have used this forum and ask for help(i would just buy ribbon here but not go into the links - until a week ago and i have been doing bows for 3 yrs)!! i think i went through 10 yards of ribbon on first attempts and i would throw them away, throw them against the wall and for a while there i did give up on them and started doing other bows and then i thought i cant let a bow defeat me! so i went through 10-12 videos on you tube and would watch them over and over and over and i would practice along, pause, rewind until i got it! so dont give up it DOES get easier!!
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