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Default Re: Can anbody make these?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
you kinda answered your own ? - lol! look for a sturdier fabric . . . i recently bought a fabric that's light grey shimmery on one side and solid black on the other and it has good body (not flimsy/droopy like satin) . . . and it works great!

but . . . the downside is that when you get out of the satin fabrics, it gets pricey. this one store let me test the "burn" quality of the fabrics on a scrap piece before i bought it . . . of course, i had to go out of the store to try it!

i use this fabric on the bottom/biggest layers and then mix others as i near the top.

i also sew 2-3 layers together at a time . . . and make a "X" stitch to lightly gather . . . then add 2/3 more layers on. it gives it a bit more dimension, if you like that look. but others, the flat circle is just as nice.
Okay, will look for sturdier fabric. I guess as long as it is polyester it should burn/singe. Thanks.

Has anyone tried singeing taffeta? Wonder if that will work.l
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