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Default Re: Can anbody make these?

Originally Posted by Danie_Edwards View Post
I make these for me and my daughter! And we wear them on foe headbands like twinkies lol. What you need to do is start off by making several circles out of a silk or satin like material make 5-7 circles each one smaller than the next, and the what I do is I light a candle, any candle will do, and hold the back end of the material (not the edge, the back side od the ends if this makes sense lol) over the flame and it will start to crinkle and kinda move inward like a super careful because it is so easy to get smokey looking flowers if your in a big hurry....and theeeeeen use some glue or a needle and thread and put the pieces together, from largest to smallest, and embellish with a cluster of rhinestones or pearls!
just wondering . . . have you tried the soy candles? i was thinking of buying one just for this & they say there's less/no smoke.
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