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Default Re: No Sew Pacifier Clips?

Originally Posted by LovingLorelei View Post
I saw some that were dressed up with felt appliques and some that had rosettes. I thought the rosettes were super cute on it. I REALLY want to make these. I am going to add ribbon or cord on the end with the pacifier instead of the snap clip because that makes it universal so it can be used with the soothies.
Oh thats an idea! I have the adapters.

Does anyone know; if I want to double layer the ribbons (like use a 7/8 solid and 5/8 patter on top... is hot glue strong enough??? Or is that something that must be sewed?

Also since I dont have a sewing machine... does anyone maybe sell custom emnroidered button covers???

Thanks a ton guys. Youre the best!
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