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Default Re: A few product shots :)

Originally Posted by Carriesbb View Post
Just gorgeous!! Love these!!
Originally Posted by MaredithRoberts View Post
She is sooo sweet. Great job!
Thank you ladies so much! Im so excited to finally have a photographer to work with... My house is already covered in pics of DS... I cant wait to cover it with these lol I should just make wallpaper out pictures of my babies haah

Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
LOVE them! She looks so beautiful! The very first shot was my fav til I took a moment. then it was the second
..and so on
They really look wonderful.
thank you so much! thats how I felt when I was going through all... 200 something of them haha. I love them ALLLLLL

Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post
and BTW her little mouth is just precious. I want to squeeze her cheeks!
She has the SMALLEST little baby lips! But still perfect for kisses!
Originally Posted by auntto4 View Post
shes so cute! and the pictures are great!!
Originally Posted by cupcakecutie View Post
She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Thank you, thank you!!

Originally Posted by HotBowMom View Post
Her skin is so lovely, she looks like a Reborn :0)
awww thanks!!! I wish I had skin like her lol

Originally Posted by Josie-PolkaDot View Post
Beautiful...what a doll!
Thank you so much
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