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Default Re: Spreadsheet formula help real quick perty please!!!!!

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
AAAHHH...That is what I was looking for So simple. Thank you!!!
you are VERY welcome - remember though... that if you have a formula that involved only one particular cell, but need the forumla in several cells - then that will mess up unless you do this:

say - you have a shipping total in A2 - you are trying to figure out shipping percentage totals for folks well the first formula would be: A2 * B2, right? But if you copied that down, it then would turn to A3 * B3 and you don't want that you have A2 is the shipping total - so the formula you would need to enter is $A$2 * B2 - then when it's copied down, A2 never changes, but the b cells will!!!

do ya get what I mean? LOL... sorry - explaining it over this without showing it can confuse me!
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