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Default Re: Spreadsheet formula help real quick perty please!!!!!

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Ok, I have my forms and ss set up for the next GB. I have the =sum(rows) set up to where it totals where I am at on slider and pearl totals. Got it, I understand that part. However, I am wanting a final column on the very end to total their orders with the buy fee and PP fee. What is the formula? Is there a way to do it once and when each person enters an order, it does it automatically or would I have to manually enter the formula after each order?

Can someone please help me out with this? Sure would save me some headache!

for example is A has their total in it (autosum from all of their lines) - then your formula would be =a(line number)*product price+buyfee amount - that would then be your subtotal including buy fee
your next cell should be =b(line number)*3.9%+0.30 - this is for pp fees

the last cell would be =c(line number)+b(line number

That gives you their subtotal, your pp fees, and your ending total - all together...

do you get what I explained??

I can do screenshots if you'd like??
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