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Default How to make stacked bows and loopy bows using an alligator clip

You all have been so helpful on this forum and in the short time I have been posting I have received such generous information to help and guide me. I really feel like I am in a new world that looks wonderful and I don't want to give up, I want to be a part of this wonderful world of bows, but I do get overwhelmed so easy when I see all the beautiful creations by everyone.
Anyhow, I would like to try making some stacked bows with the loops and spikes. My question is, how do you all decide what styles of bows to use when you make a stacked bow? When I have tried in the past I get one giant lump of bows that make the whole creation so thick. Plus because I want to do a great job, I have a hard time deciding what technique to use. I would once again appreciate any info, tidbits of knowledge you could pass on. I started learning to make some simple bows for my grand daughters, but like everyone else has found, the bow making is addictive!
I have another question. I love making the funky loopy bows, that is one thing I am pretty good at, but the french clips don't always give a firm hold in my grand daughter's hair. Does anyone know how to make these using an alligator clip?
Thanks again for all your help and support to me and others on this forum.
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