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Default 7/8" versus 1 1/2" I am so confused!

I am confused. I have tons and tons of 7/8" ribbon and assumed that almost all the bows I see are made of the 7/8" but mine aren't coming out as perfect looking as others. I can't stack them with a poo and when i try they look pathetic. I wonder do most of you use the 7/8" ribbon or do you do 11/2" ribbon then work in to 7/8 for the inside ribbon and then figure 8's and the spikes. I can make them but good lord putting them together seems to be an impossible feet. I have my recipe for 7/8" ribbons without tails. But tails forget it i become all thumbs. I need some ideas and assistance. Feel free to send me a message. God the questions I have would surely drive the Master bow maker insane. I don't use templates I have taught myself without them. Maybe that's the thing I need. I will post some of my mishaps on my bio in a bit so you can see what I am talking about.

Thanks soooooo much
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