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Default Re: Newborn Photography Opinions?

Originally Posted by mysweetbowtique View Post
I honestly love a well edited photo i think that you can over do it yes! I have overdone it many times and not meant to but i think overall it makes a better photo sometimes your lighting is all wrong or the eyes are all dark or with a bigger kid they have food on there face lol so you need to know how to fix those thing for a better photo picnik is actually really good if you dont want to go to crazy and really easy to learn i use to use it now i use photoshop...

here is a shot i took yesterday of a friends little girl i could have toned it down more but i like a dramtic look on my pics and this was a boring shot so i thought i would make it more interesting so first is right out of camera second is edited

whatever you do you have to like your own product we all have our own likes and dislikes and really with your photos it is 100% your choice!

I agree and the edited one looks a lot better.

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