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Default Re: Fabric Covered Button Press/Machine & 600 Buttons

The Chinese dies don't appear to include (circle) cutters, which would lower the price. I'm not actually sure if this style machine can accommodate a cutter -- it might, I'm just not sure. If you're interested in cutters for your dies, ask the seller about them. Also, if you're interested in setting snaps, grommets, or rivets with this machine, ask if dies are available.

Originally Posted by Gr82cre8 View Post
I'm not sure what the difference is between European/American buttons. Can anyone fill me in?
There are three types of machine buttons: UK, Continental, and American. UK and Continental buttons are similar enough that they are essentially interchangeable -- for simplicity, we can call them "European" buttons.

The difference between European and American buttons is subtle, but significant. Finished buttons look identical, but respective components are very slightly different -- different enough that a European button won't normally fit in an American die, and vice versa.

This machine (and its dies) appear to be specifically Continental. They work differently than American machines and dies -- they are not compatible with each other.
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