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Default Re: Fabric Covered Button Press/Machine & 600 Buttons

Originally Posted by brezzamagoo View Post
So glad to hear this! I have been dealing with her as well because I am interested in her snap pliers. She even tested out some of the snaps on some ribbon for me!

How did you go with shipping? I know she offers free shipping but thats with AIRLIFT and can take a couple of weeks.
I went with the free shipping, and it took about 8 weeks. It wasn't a problem for me because I have enough craft supplies to keep me busy for a year.

As far as cost, I don't know anyone who can provide three sets of dies (along with the machine) for $169. Dies run over $40-50 each set. The buttons really are a cinch to make. I'm not sure what the difference is between European/American buttons. Can anyone fill me in?
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