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Default Re: Advice on Cheer Bows - Best tut, angle to attach barrette, size etc.

I'd pick up the NBNG tut, and practice with that until you are pretty comfortable. Gmcks pretty much has the other ques answered. My best advice is practice, practice, practice folding and tying your bows, don't get ahead of yourself, and be patient: with yourself, your efforts, and with the ladies on this forum. Many are more than willing to help, but always try a search first, they may have just answered a ques about cheer bows or fabric or whatever a week or so ago, and may not have the time to re-post or answer right away. The newbie files on here give a huge list of links for supplies, etc. Good luck, you will find just about every ques you have already answered if you search the ribbon forum under "cheer bows".
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