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Default Re: Cricut Help!?

It won't cut felt, but it will cut fabric. You need to iron a stabilizer to the fabric first, then lay that on your mat and cut. You need to play with your setting though as fabric can be tricky, especially with small or intricate designs.

If you buy a program like Sure Cuts Alot (SCAL) or Make the Cut, you don't need to waste any more money on buying cartridges. I have had my Expression for 3+ years now and have only the cart it came with. I bought SCAL, which allows me to cut any svg file. I downloaded a free program, called Inkscape, which allows me to import images and save them as an svg file. Then all I have to do is open SCAL and import svg! There are THOUSANDS of free fonts on the web, tons of free svg files as well. You can download a free trial of SCAL, and I am sure you can with MTC as well. You can at least see if you like the program before you buy. Beware, if you cut something in the free trial, small horizontal slits will be made throughout your design, because it is only a trial. HTH!
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