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Originally Posted by ronnie View Post

The search link above can be your best friend. I am going to try to make this simple for you all to find if you ACTUALLY DO A SEARCH.

added 12/24/10.... make sure you scroll though all of your finds when you are searching, not just the first page. There is tons of information on what you are looking for in these forums you just need to take the TIME to go through each and every thread that is listed. Many of us did not have everything handed to us....we had to actually search for all this information on our own. I just thought I would make it easier by putting it all together in one thread so there would be no excuse as to not being able to find anything on instructions.
How to make: Free instructions; instructions; flower instructions; nylon headband instructions; boutique bow instructions; twisted boutique instructions; pinwheel instructions; hair clips; vintage flowers; ribbon flower; fabric flowers; cheer bows; marabou puffs; how to heat seal; pony o's; pony tail streamers; ribbon fusion; tails down bows; two color bows; kanzashi flowers; pointed petals; round petals; bottle caps; bottlecaps; fabric headbands; templates. You all should be able to find this information if you do a search. Those that are reading it now are getting lucky because I am just posting this and you know...all of this info was found on HG in these exact forums. Good luck to you all....I hope at least one of these works for you. Just know that the first few times you try to make something it is not going to look as good as the tuts on here. You HAVE TO practice, practice, practice!!!! That is the only way to improve on your skills.



Plus if you think that you may want to buy instructions or tuts here is a link to a thread listing many different ones out there that I have personally bought and were happy with.

Thank you,Thank you and Thank you again for The free information!!!
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