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Default Re: dragon ribbon sculpture? any ideas

Originally Posted by Addis Mom View Post
I have never done a dragon or seen one either, but I did just recently post a stegosauras that I made... I don't know maybe this pic may inspire you Maybe you could cut out a side profile of it's face and cut out fire/??? Sorry, I probably didn't help, but I tried!!
thanks for trying any ideas are helpful and that stegosaurus is so adorable

Originally Posted by scrapintwinmama View Post
that is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

when I saw the fire breathing dragon part all that comes to mind is the green dragon pete's dragon lol! maybe like a weave type? Im sure someone can help .. sorry i wasnt more of a help
haha that was the first thing that came to my mind to when she said it I was also thinking of a weave i will just have to play with it but if i do come up with something i promise to share
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