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Default Re: Do da's for croc's

Thanks for all the info.


Originally Posted by hairtales View Post
I use a small bead of glue just to get the doodad to stick to the bow. Then I use a needle and thread and go through the two small holes on the doodad a few times on each side. It makes them super strong. I know a few ladies use wire instead of thread, so that's another way, too. Are you gonna buy the clogs and attach them or are you gonna sell them seperately? --A tip...if you are planning to attach them to cards....wait to pop the back on the doodad. Have your holes punched in the card....push the bow/top of the doodad through, carefully and firmly push the doodad together. You'll hear a snap. They will hold perfectly on the cards....kinda wedges them together, but you do have to tear the cards to get them off. ---I hope that makes sense??? Oh....and make sure you scotchguard them front and back. It REALLY makes a difference on how well the bows stay clean.
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