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Default Re: This type of bow?

Originally Posted by DanielleK View Post
Can someone please tell me what type of bow this is, and/or how to make it? ...
I'm pretty sure those are two "four corners" (aka "inside out") bows stacked together. They are actually easier to make than they look.

I believe you will find the rest of the answers you seek in the thread (with selected posts) linked below:

Originally Posted by jakety0508 View Post

Originally Posted by lalaarnold View Post
You go to, search for freehairbows and ask to join. You need a Yahoo ID, but that is easy to sign up for.

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post

Originally Posted by jbarrow0811 View Post
Ugh I must be blind...I am a member of that group and can't seem to put my finger on the instructions you are talking about Can you tell me how you found them on there? Thanks in advance
In the far left column click "Files". The fifth or Sixth Item is titled something like "Hairbow Instructions", click that and the first item is "Four Point Bows".

That is what you are looking for.

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