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Default Re: Tent worries......

Originally Posted by Dividingjenn View Post
I found this one on ebay:
$119.00 including shipping. Two of the sidewalls have windows though...
Don't buy this tent! I bought it last year and first off, it isn't an E-Z Up brand and second, it doesn't go up E-Z. It took two of us the first time and a whole lot of cursing from DH. I took it to a show and didn't even get it all the way up before it collapsed and bent - and it wasn't even windy! I bought one at Dick's that day and was glad I did when a huge wind storm came through. My Dick's tent survived and real E-Z UP tents were bent in half. I would definitely buy white next time. Regardless of what brand you buy, make sure you have adequate weights because even the most expensive tent will collapse in a wind if not weighted properly.
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