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Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
Step 8: cut tulle (color choice is up to you, I use white for most of my candies) about 4.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

Step 9: place a small dab of glue to the middle back of the 'candy' and place tulle in the middle of it. Doesn't have to be exact but make sure that you have enough tulle on each side to later twist off! After wrap the tulle around the 'candy' till you meet with the back again and glue.

Step 10: take a needle and thread and sew a 'straight' line as close as possible to the 'candy'. Once you have reached the end of the tulle pull thread through and wrap around the tulle a couple of times before tying off and cutting. Repeat for the other side. This creates the 'twist' in your candy

Step 11: you can use premade petite bows, I make my own. Either way take one and place it on the 'twist' part of the candy to hide your handywork.

you are completely awesome for sharing this!!! and so quickly!!! thank you ladybug!
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