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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Maybe you should have them post agree to your rules before they make any comments on photos/listings. That way they know that they can be banned if they do not follow the rules.

Another problem is some people do not like to read and if they see a long winded hard to read "rules" summary, many will skip it and try to wing it. To me your rules are very clear and easy to read but to some others out there they may see nothing but words. You may try to make more paragraphs or use "-" right before you each rule. Just a thought.
I have seen this done on comment games on FB. They post the rules in the discussion tab and the notes sections. Then when they post about the upcoming even on their wall they link the rules and tell everyone to go there, read them, and comment that they agree to abide by the rules. They also posted reminders through out the game that they are committing to buy when they type "sold". It seems to cut down on buyers remorse. I know I have seen somewhere that there are codes on FB for making things bold and such. Maybe those would help emphasize the main points of your rules more.

As far as her wanting the items. I'd tell her no, she committed to buying all of it, not some of it. And the One who deleted her posts.... I doubt I'd let her participate next time.

Good luck!
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