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Default Re: orderd then didnt pay now only wants some of it, what to do???

Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
As for what to do with these customers... I understand they have a right to change their mind, but it is still very rude to do it that way. For ones that don't have PayPal, I tell them they can pay by debit card or credit card for their purchases through PayPal and that I never see their information except for their address that they type in. I don't know if I would do a check from a stranger, I take checks from my local customers, but I have been burnt by bounced "echecks" from customers and for them to send one in the mail... yikes! My bank charges so much for a bad check that I put IN the bank, and you would never get that money back from a customer....
GREAT point!!!! i never thought about that!! so how fast does the payment come in if they dont have pp and they pay with credit or debit through there???[/QUOTE]

It is instant like a funded PP payment
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