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Default not sure the best place to post this

question or how best to word it so here goes. You very talented ladies get on here and showcase your beautiful work, are you not concerned that
your stuff will be copied? Or, do you assume to a certain extent that if you are sharing on the internet you WILL be copied? Or do you not care? The reason I am asking is that I for one am one of the poor people that doesn't have an original idea in my head grrrrr! I can look at something that catches my eye and usually come up with something close, I may not have the exact items or colors as the 'sample' and I may change out something here or there, but generally, I rarely 'create' something on my own (and envy those who can)! I just wondered, I had read a thread here or somewhere else where the gal was approached at a craft show and told she was violating someone else's copy right and that there was a patent pending or something to that effect....what do you all think? I am hoping to do a craft show with my mother in law, it is a small 'old home days' in a rural community and I will do cards and other paper crafts, she will do some crocheted items
and I was thinking of doing some bows as well.....maybe...assuming I can figure out how to make them lol~ I have yet to actually make a bow, though I did do a braided headband tee hee! So, just looking for opinions out there.
thanks, and I hope no one is offended by my post, that is not my intention at all...just looking to find the 'ethics' here.
thanx a bunch
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