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Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
yay...i did it!!! this is how i did it in case you want to try it out!!

1. make a twisted boutique bow (i used 22 inches and 7/8 inch wide ribbon)
2. cut 'tails' about 4-5 inches depending on the size of your twisted boutique bow and sew them together
3. glue the 'tails' with the bow, i wrapped 3/8 around for a more finished look
4. glue your feathers on top
5. cut 7-9 strips of ribbon 4 inches long, make a half 8 figure and glue it
6. place your glued half 8 strips around the feathers in a random way
7. place korkers in any empty space
8. final step is to glue the loops together to make them stand and make the bow look fuller
Elly your bow turned out perfect! But I can't seem to visualize how you did it? Is there anyway you could maybe add pics to your steps?

Great job though!!
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