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Default Korker Question

So I usually make I guess what would be considered mini korkers - 2.5 inches? I count the number of loops of corked ribbon and usually cut them into 4 loops each, 3/8 ribbon. I starch before I bake and after I sew them together and then after they are done, I starch and bake again before I put them on a clip. My questions are:

1. Whenever I try to make a larger korker, my ribbon seems to get floppier. My 'mini' korkers stay fairly perfect but my larger ones seem to un-kork or fall flat...I know a picture would help but my stupid computer won't read my memory card for some reason. The korks seems to all fall together or the whole bow kindof separates and falls..if that makes sense? Any tips? Maybe I'm making the pieces too long do you make your pieces for your larger 4 inches?

2. I know pricing is different for every area, but I can't figure out a good price for my korkers. I'm probably going to do mostly craft shows but also facebook (hopefully). I plan to sell them in pigtail sets, of 2 -2.5 inch korkers, and then individual 2.5 and 4 inch korkers. How much would you price each of these?

Thank you SO much for any and all advice.
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