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Default Re: crochet headband tutu's

Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
to make them extra full you have to layer on top of each other -think of them like flower petals -one petal is too thin, 2 is ok but 3- or 4 and its a gorgeous thick flower i start at the bottom and work up and keep adding until im happy with it like this one:

and this one :

I also cut alot at the end fluffing and poufying it out My goal is to have the "cindrealla" look -it has to pouf out like a ball gown , she needs to look like its time for the ball LOL --I hope that helps
Those are really cute. I ordered a bunch of tulle from The Ribbon Retreat and then I went to a local store to buy some sparkly tulle and I noticed the sparkly tulle is a lot thicker than what I ordered from TRR. I don't know if that's typical or not.

Just to make sure I'm understanding your directions, do you add tulle all the way around with just one piece per hole and keep adding tulle all the way around by going up a row or do you put two or three pieces together and just going around the bottom of the crochet band? Today I made a plain red and sparkly white one and to make it more full looking I put two red pieces together for one hole and only one sparkly white since it's thicker. It looked a lot more full than the black one I made with plain tulle.
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