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Is it safe to assume that if this 7 year old "ran large" (or small) that they would tell you?

If so then there are a variety of sources with info on what the average waist size of a 7 year old would be.

I checked a few and didn't come up with one precise number but my guess based upon what I found is that 22" or 23" is probably about right.

The first source is a size chart at the Yahoo Group "Tutu Tips", unfortunately size 7 hasn't been filled in but they do give 5/6 as 22", which is somewhat consistent with size info I found on other charts.

I can link the other two sources I found but you need to be a Tutu Tips member to access their chart. See below.

Tutu Tips: Yahoo Group - 2nd size chart file, in pdf format (the first chart only goes to size 5)
5/6 waist 22"; tulle strip length 13 1/2” x 2 = 18” (that should probably be 28”)
7/8 ?? 23 1/2??
8/9 waist 25”; tulle strip length ??

MarieLynn Boutique - Tutu size chart
4 & 5: 21”
6 & 7: 22”
Small Size 7 - Bust 26" (66cm) , Waist 23" (58.4cm) , Hips 28" (71cm)

Butterick - Girl’s Size chart
23” waist


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