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Default Re: My Valentines Day Baby <3

Lol! I wish that worked! I was suprised to get those shots of her! She normally screams the second i take her to do her pics.... I got some really super ones the other day, but only because she was sleeping throughout the whole time i was shooting... Anytime she's in a good mood and I am talking to her she is smiling like crazy, and I start walking towards my studio room and she immediately does a 180! I really think she hates having her pics taken lol... Her hair is undecided lol... It was very dark when she was born, then turned to a dirty blonde, and has definitely been getting a red tint to it... I always had a red tint to my brunette though, so I believe she might have it as her hair continues to grow...

Originally Posted by This Mom Erin View Post
So super cute! Her hair color, is it reddish? She is absolutely adorable!

My daughter was the same as a baby. She would freeze whenever the camera was on her. My friend recommended just lining up the shot and then making eye contact with the baby and shooting. It really did work for her to forget the camera was there.
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