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Originally Posted by boutiquesweetheart View Post had the best prices. pick your template with any designer and they install for you. No extras necessary.
10 for the domain (plus the extra 5 if you want it protected) plus you pay either monthly or I think it's 60 per year. I looked at all the top ones and this had it all for the best price if you want the cagatories a certain way, ease of use, etc. I've used them for a few yrs now and love.

when you start up a great place to get a template is That's Michelle from ShoppePro. SHe's amazing and her templates are top notch but super cheap! She can do it all.

I agree with the And also no .net it's confusing. My prefs.

so in short..
-pick a template and pay 10$ min
-Pick a domain and buy thru for like $10
-pick a place that will host it. Transfer your domain to them (just email and they'll do it for you) for $5 to protect your identity and lower the number of phone calls
-pay for your domain $60 or so per year.. or monthly
-set it up using the email info they send you.

templates can be installed for free usually by the designer

It seems confusing when you're setting up shop but it's really a pretty easy process after all the reading and psyching yourself out
I should try it out. Karina is excellent with answering questions.
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