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Default Re: how to make polymer clay centers?

Originally Posted by smwallace4 View Post
I recently began messing around with this and it is so much fun and kind of addicting. I use sculpty and fimo. I just find picture on the internet of something I want to make and try to figure it out. My mom also had a book that explained the basics. Here is some piggie tail bows that I made with some mousehead centers I made with sculpty.

Let me know if you have any questions.
congrats on working w/fimo! it was waaay to hard for me. sculpy also came out w/a stronger clay . . . i like premo sculpy . . . and here's a good factual/comparison link.

the toughest part is getting your fingerprints off the clay!

i've made oodles of lightswitch covers with it . . .

oops . . . here's the link

and here's where i bought it from . . .
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