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Default Re: crochet headband tutu's

Originally Posted by mwilkins View Post
I made my dd a tutu dress with one and it worked fine..they do stretch but you just have to be careful not to pull the tulle too tight and it will work...Here's the last one I thing that may help is I put mine on this frame and work that way. I know you can pull too tight when your just working with the headband and it's not fitted around something..does that make sense? I had to learn that the hard way.
Okay, how the heck did you get yours so full looking? I followed the instructions on this site:
using about 25-30 yards of 6" wide by 26" long tulle and it doesn't look full enough to me. I can't find any other instructions that I don't have to pay for to make a FULL crochet top tutu dress. Can you offer me any advice?
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