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Default Re: My Valentines Day Baby <3

Originally Posted by babybasics View Post
Beautiful baby & beautiful picture! Great job! Love them! I have two boys, too. Maybe one day we'll add a princess to the mix!
I remember that feeling! I wanted a baby girl so bad.... I didn't have my hopes up at my sonogram the 3rd time... I always gave my husband crap about being a penis-maker lol.... The sono lady said... "it looks like you're having a girl!" I told her there is no "looks like" there's "it IS a girl" or "it IS NOT a girl" and she better not say it again until she's 100% sure or i would sue her for false hope lol..... She showed me the three lines several times... I kept saying what's that! it looks like boy parts... lol... it was always the umbilical cord....
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