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Default Re: ? on Homemade bow templates

Originally Posted by Alondras2 View Post
(I searched the site, but couldnt find answer)
When making my own bow templates, do I label them by the total size of the
template or by the size of the bow loop? Also, while watching this video, she makes a 3in. bow using 4 1/2in. template. How do I figure out what template to use for the size bow I want???
Hope my questions arent confusing) Thanks Alondra
You just have to play around with what works for you. The video the pp posted is my video. I use 4" template for 5/8" ribbon, 4 1/2" template for 7/8" ribbon and a 6" template for 1 1/2" ribbon. And yes, the template is labeled based on the width of the template. hth
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